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Immanuel Church Organised One-day Outreach

Immanuel Church music ministry, Jubilee Fit organised a one-day outreach event on 3 May 2017 at Kuala Kubu Bharu which is one hour away from the capital city. Participants have a graceful fellowship time together, building a closer relationship with each other and with God.

The outreach event is aimed to foster a closer relationship among Jubilee members. Considering the majority of the participants are non-believers, the Jubilee Fit leader took every precious opportunity to share the gospel and her personal testimonies to the members throughout the journey.

During the event, participants enjoyed the graceful time embracing the nature, fellowship with one another, and the leader also prayed for the members.

Reflecting on the event, the leader shared, As we plan to hold more outreach event in the future, we want to allocate more time for Christians members to share about faith, and we hope that other members can open their hearts to share their personal struggles in daily life. This event truly can act as the channel to bring them one step closer to God.

We also have the through of creating another group to gather members who are Christians to study God’s word. I believe that event though they may not be Christians who are passionate, however they have the heart to share the gospel. she continued.

As this is a good start led by God, the leader will strive to follow them up after the event. May the Holy Spirit continue to work in the participants hearts to know Christ and His word.

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