Christians should do their best to do good deeds

One day there is a bird was injured and was very down. It needs to find a place to warm itself temporarily before winter comes.

So it came to the sycamore tree and said to her: “Dear sycamore tree, can you take me to stay with you for the winter?” The sycamore tree said: “I am inconvenient here. Please go and look for other trees. “

The bird came to the willow tree and said to her, “Dear willow tree, you see I am so downcast, I need to find a place to live here. Is it convenient for me to stay with you for the winter? She replied: “It does n’t match my charming and refined temperament. You should ask the other trees again. “

In this way, the bird asked all the way, and was rejected all the way. Later she was too tired and fell on the branch of a pine tree. Say to the pine tree: “Dear pine tree, I was injured, very down, very tired. May I ask you to take me to stay with you and spend the winter?”. The pine tree said: “My leaves are not thick enough to keep warm, but if you don’t Mind, you can spend the winter here. Just be careful when you come in, don’t let my leaves hurt you.” In this way, the pine tree took the bird and took out its own fruit to feed it, making it a memorable winter.

Later, God knew this and punished the trees that did not keep the birds, and rewarded the pine trees that kept the birds. That is-every winter, all the trees have fallen leaves, only the pine trees are evergreen all year round.

This little story has inspired us a lot, and similar situations often appear in our lives. Someone has a problem in life and wants to ask us to understand the faith of Christianity. We reasoned decline that we did n’t know much. Please go to the pastor. Someone asked us for help, and we retorted that we are busy now, or I have limited ability, you can find someone else, etc.

There are stories of five loaves and two fish in the Bible. The disciples said similar things. We have to see how Jesus taught them. Briefly reviewing this story, Jesus took his disciples to rest in the wilderness, but many people came over and wanted to hear the sermon and asked Jesus to heal the disease. When it was getting late, the disciples told Jesus to let them go back and buy their own food. Jesus said, do not need them to go, you give them food. The disciples took out the only five loaves and two fish, and Jesus blessed and fed 5,000 people.

For those who come to us for help, the Lord is not saying to let them go back, but that you give them food. We need to be obedient to the Lord’s words. Don’t decline those who ask for help first, thinking about sending them back. Imagine how they would come to us if they could solve it by themselves. Although our strength may be limited, there is definitely something for them.

So, what can we do to help people?

First of all, the most precious thing in us is the Lord Jesus Christ. For unbelievers, we can introduce the most precious Jesus Christ to them. To those who were born with lameness and could only ask for help at the door of temple, the apostle Peter said a very famous sentence: I don’t have any gold or silver, just give you all I have. I call you up and walk in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The answers to all questions are in the Lord, and the Lord is our satisfaction. There are many people who testify that in their difficult times, some people preached Jesus, and they have changed because of their knowledge of the Lord’s life.

We have to sort out the grace that we can receive, and when someone comes to us, we can testify it anytime, anywhere. Even if the believers come, we can share grace with them and gain strength from each other.

Secondly, we need to share the material and financial or skills we have to provide actual help in action. The apostle James said: If there are brothers or sisters who are naked and lacking a daily diet, we say to them, “Go peacefully! May you dress warmly and eat enough”, but not give the actual benefits their bodies need? Our love can’t stop in words, but also in action. Although we have limited, we may be in trouble too, but when we take it out, the heart will be warmed, and some people may feel the love of the Lord.

Therefore, when someone needs our help, don’t refuse. How many people can feed with a grain of wheat? But when it dies in the ground and will produces many seeds, it can feed many people. The Lord will use our tiny offerings to bless more people.