Immanuel Church Holds First Sunday Service in July and Communion

The first Sunday service and communion were held in Immanuel Community Church in graceful time with members and the children offered a special song “There is a God”.

The minister preached the message from 1 Corinthians 1.26-30, that we are being called by the grace of God. The church is the place we can express our weakness and gain grace, strength from the Lord. He shared that in the position which needs to deal with outsider especially business person often is not a graceful life, which is not filled with the Lord’s grace and word all the time like a missionary. Therefore, it is important to pour out and humble more in front of God to be filled once again, after we admit our weakness, limit and lack of ability. He reminds us not to be arrogant and self-centered in prayer topic, ask for things in the kingdom of God, the life to give out is more blessed than receiving.

Please keep praying for Malaysia members to keep the grace God has given and be a blessing to many people so that they come to know Christ and His love.