Immanuel Church Holds Sunday Service: “Jacob Wrestles at Jabbok”

Immanuel Community Church has held Sunday service with the message on “Jacob Wrestles at Jabbok” and taken from Genesis 32:22-30.

During the service, the minister emphasized that Jacob has a sincere heart to return to his homeland to reconcile with his brother. Although the angel blocks his way, we can see his heart that he returns to his homeland not by force or because somebody told him nor he has no other choice. Instead, he truly wanted to go because of his love toward his brother. The deep world of faith opens to us when we understand this love of God. God is testing Jacob in order for him to win after overcoming the test. True victory is gained through this wrestle at the Jabbok river, even though he had not yet met with his brother, but he had already triumphed with love.

In the end, the minister encouraged members to have a desire and sincere heart to do what God wants us to do, and also hold on it with prayer till the end. When all the difficulties and tribulations happen, let us insist to go and to not give up easily.

After the service, the leaders and members have table fellowship and shared the grace they have received in the past week.

May the Immanuel church to gain the victory through knowing the love of God deeply and longing heart.